Little Mermaid Jr.

Full of music and songs, many from Disney’s cartoon movie, The Little Mermaid Jr. tells the story of Ariel, the youngest daughter of Poseidon the MerKing, wants to experience life out of the ocean. In her quest to understand humans she disobeys her father, falls prey to her evil Aunt Ursula, and gives away her voice. Ariel soon finds that her beliefs of good and evil are based on lies as her father sacrifices himself to save her from a life of imprisonment. Yet, good triumphs in the end. When Ariel is contrite and acknowledges her error, her father is moved with love for her and discovers a new appreciation of the Prince who was also willing to also lay down his life to save Ariel. A happy ending ensues as Poseidon makes a way for Ariel to be a part of the human world and still visit her ocean family when she sails the seas with her husband.
Performed on stage by student actors ages 6-17, The Little Mermaid Jr. is a beautiful voyage of imagination sure to delight the whole family.


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May 13 2021


Angelic Hall
237 N Spalding Ave, Lebanon, KY 40033
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