Who did that cool artwork for Floating the Fork?

Folks have asked, “Who did that awesome artwork for tourism’s Floating the Fork project.”

Well folks…the artist is Kandace Potter, a visual artist from here in Lebanon, KY. She’s currently the visual art teacher at Marion County High School.

She and her husband Gregg have three children: Hadley, 9; Reagan, 7; and Sawyer, 5. And yep, you’ve see all of them in the marketing for their custom coffee roastery, Potter Coffee.

Kandace has done solo and group exhibitions throughout Central Kentucky, and has public art pieces in such places as Lexington’s Horseman and Louisville’s Gallopalooza.

Floating the Fork project coordinator John Bramel handpicked Potter for the project because he felt like her style best-suited what he was looking for. “And she delivered,” said Bramel. “And wait ’til you see the artwork in Floating the Fork brochure form, which is being designed right now.”

To see Floating the Fork online, where you can download paddling day trip details, go right here: https://visitlebanonky.com/the-rolling-fork-river/.

You can reach Kandace Potter by contacting her here: kandace.potter@gmail.com.

Soon she’ll be introducing Rolling Fork-themed artwork, and even the river map you see in Floating the Fork, as specialty art pieces available in her online sales. Keep up with those developments by following her Facebook page.